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[Rv]v2 Revolution 2.0

SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 1,939 Underlord 2016
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it back

no NSFW Self explanatory
No hacks
No pub accounts
Glitching is allowed in private matches if you ask and people say yes

Rv master [.:Rv:.]
Rv elite [.Rv.]
Rv noble [Rv-N]
Rv positive [Rv-P]
Rv member [Rv]
Junior Rv [JRv]

SSP_Rism (Rv-n)

Co leaders:
@Soo__hey (Rv)
@Lethal (Rv)

amfik (Rv-n)
@thecheeselover (JRv)

How to rank up:
Beat someone by 2 on the same rank as you or at least tie someone on the rank above you

War history:
AK-47 win by default (they backed out last second)
Literally all the others never happen

War rules:
1 riggs
No banned sets/weapons
No hacks
No glitching
People who joined within a week of the war can't play

How to join:
Kik- soo...hey, teenfox321, SSP_Rism, dujuran.
If a co leader or i don't already know your skill you will have to try out, you cannot fail it is only to determine your rank as long as the match happens and you get assigned a rank you are in Rv.


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