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Overclock FPS: glitches, tricks, faults and hacks (updated 23/07) over 100 glitches(+20)

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Some vary for Android and IOS but about 95% are possible on both.

Tick off the ones you can do:

JUMP PAD GLITCHES(double jump)
These are fun and often take you to good places to snipe and hide when you regenerate

Neo Omaha
-Pink Balloon jump (this can get you just about anywhere)
(These can get you behind the map and also on the higher platform)

-Boat jump, this gets you onto the mast of the boat and you can get into the crows nest
-Thunderdome(destroys jump pad temporarily) see also unlimited thunder dome
-Rarely a jump pad just randomly breaks )

-Jump pad glitches also possible on underworld

CHEAT GLITCHES not to be used competitively
(should not be used competitively, anyone who does is a cheat seriously effect gameplay and can cause
-Invisibility glitch (invisible all game)(only AA can spot you) the way to counter this glitch:(if somebody is using it leave and rejoin then they are visible)
-Gunslinger unlimited (only few know of this (not me) let's keep it that way)
-Unlimited ammo glitch (supposed to have been fixed but new way exists)
-unlimited overclock (Oliver) (basically a huge blue jet that kills everyone who touches it for the whole game)
-Thunder dome Island SkyWorld
-Stat manipulation (and newly discovered!)(e.g Oli with Wils Regen and Riggs health)
-Unlimited Tilman handguns
-Weapons on wrong character
-Infinite ice trap
-Abilities on wrong character
-Sniper AA

-Chest glitch (extremely annoying, can avoid buy only tapping chest once)
-Double chat glitch ( thankfully not happened for a while , where everything in the chat appears 2x)
-Nobody can join glitch(nobody can join any games very rare)
-Broken game glitch (lobby is broken game never starts and you can't see your self in the game)
-No exit glitch ( cannot exit equip bit)
-can't click on chat :(
-before some games it says : game starts in 3737637382772 seconds before the countdown starts I don't know the exact number.
-Stat reset glitch (really annoying but if it happens contact ZenDesk)
-Profile error (when viewing profile it sometimes just says level 10 2000 games and 0 wins and kills
-Loading screen glitch SEE STARCS COMMENT (pls fix)
-The unequip crash, everything in your character is unequiped (sometimes another crash fixes this)
-Game won't actually start, been happening recently for everyone at once
-Notification Glitch
-Profile pic glitch>it shows a very long error glitch
-After game you get an error
-Sometimes you can't click on the chat
-Clicking an offer can get you out of a game that is about to start

- Melee fault anyone who joins after you is not effected by your melee.
- Lag Melee (melee works well with lag)
- Trapped in a hole (getting yourself stuck in a hole (underworld + forest)
- AA breaking glitch
- Unlimited time glitch (game lasts forever (mostly)time goes on and you can get as many kills as you want))
- Kill crash (when you crash after being killed)
- That annoying glitch where when you join the joystick is really strange and you act turn for a bit. NEWLY ADDED
- Introducing the black team (the glitch where that bear with the black name is on the map, he does not take damage and wastes ammo
- Player not dead (player is shown to be not dead and have health but is already dead and show to be dead at screen side as well)
-Gun at feet (player runs with gun by foot (if using an invisible ability it reveals them)
-AA locks on own team
-Somtimes when people die they float up
-FPS mode melee death see comment (you literally just slide along with no health and your paralysed)
-Dead Reload
-When dead, armour sometimes changes colour (with future police helmet)
-Red crosshairs, done by swapping between AA weps/ abilities and non AA ones. Easiest to see with Tillman, but possible with sniper.
-Game is first to 25 but if quick, 26 or even 27 kills can be obtained.
-Players sometimes show up in places where they died, when they respawn.
-Charges are left where you shot them from (briefly)
-AA spot, part of the map collects bullets and spams them about in a small area
-If you walk slowly it looks like you're sliding
-Chests can sometimes be claimed early
-Sometimes the wait for free chests is more than how long it should be e.g instead of waiting 48 hours, it show 49 hours.

Take a look at this video for explanation (not made by me btw)
-Healing grenade glitch (see video on BSR Clan Channel)


-Unlimited thunder dome (no idea how to do but it broke a jump pad for the whole game)
-Flying dead bear glitches
-AA locks on random spot on where no player is(possibly linked to one type of invisible glitch)

MAP GLITCHES (thanks Hawkeye for a lot of help) Tons of new ones

- Riggs super dash (able to get onto really high mushroom with Dash)
- Rock glitch (not really a glitch)(one rock is literally impossible to get on unless jump in a special way)
-Get on top of giant mushroom
-Get on top of trees

Neo Omaha
- Tons of jump glitches (balloon and arch)
- Roof glitches (get in high roofs by either, Balloon jump and speed over the arch of jumping up smiley face ladder)
- Little Hole (not a glitch nor a fault and everyone knows , just a bit cool)
- Carboard boxes launch you
-Get behind the map, also lots of other places from there

Mystic/Twighlight Forest
-SKYDIVING (super cool get somebody to show you thanks Tooth for showing me)
-Get High (sometimes running into a bush chucks you high
-ThE MaGiC treee: tree shields you from bullets from a few sides.
- Get on top of trees
- Get inside trees

-Thunderdome Island ( causes anyone who jumps up to be thrown back down and suicide (not really fair)) this is not an explanation, it is very hard to do
-Boat mast is a great sniper spot
-Inside tree
-On clock tower clock: 6 different methods

-Hidden ledge at back of map
- jump onto rock

-The fruit propel you upwards, this isn't really a glitch as I think it was purposely done.
-Leave the map and crash the game
- Go on top of candy cane
- Die cos of the sky and crash the game
- Go inside candy cane and inside map

Science Lab (tricks)
-Can get onto pipe up top
-Can get onto upper platforms
-Free fall (see Smtonys comment)

-Spend specific character coins on another character (only managed it once as far as I know there is no method)
-Weapons on wrong character
-Abilities on wrong character

-Charges don't work on social butterfly (may not be a glitch just letting ya know)
-AA sniper
-Red crosshairs

-hidden skin!

-Healing turret lag
-suspected invisibility
-Hidden skin

-Dash onto high mushroom on sporest
-Hidden Skin

-Hidden skin
-Ant Blaster dosent always do damage

-hidden skin
-Red crosshairs

Older Version Faults
-Messed up Screen glitch (pink squares across screen)


Stat hack, e.g. Has 1000000000 kills

There are more glitches to come ,please let me know if i miss any.

Thank you


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