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Obligatory "which forum layout is better" poll!

FluttershyisbestponyFluttershyisbestpony Member, MVP Posts: 3,926 Exalted
edited December 2013 in Community

Obligatory "which forum layout is better" poll! 38 votes

New layout is better!
Corpsegrindergummable_0514 2 votes
I liked the old layout!
DunchaxmanPirateFluttershyisbestponyMyLittlePwnies123RedXenonfrostedbaconYoky01Dban1VegetaStealthKillZeradthecowBucketsHug2DeathPodgeguyDaajfrWilpower784TRuzoGaniBattleBear14_PineapplesNeoChrys3s 30 votes
Meh / See results
WingedDragonCBGuyfromanotherplanetAbareKillerToaTurtleBR-1000 6 votes


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