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Pokemon X and Y: Shiny Hunting Guide

DoodleQuikDoodleQuik Posts: 7,661Member, MVP Fabled
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  • Hug2DeathHug2Death Posts: 6,652Member, Moderator, SkyVu Beta Tester Fabled
    Ain't nobody got time for this. I could be EV training Gastly, Frogadier, and Fennekin.
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  • DoodleQuikDoodleQuik Posts: 7,661Member, MVP Fabled
  • EngineerZEngineerZ Posts: 1,039Member Sergeant
    Lol im fine with my shiny rayquaza...
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  • SilentDDSilentDD Posts: 12,752Member, Moderator, SkyVu Beta Tester Fabled
    How's about some chain fishing, then?

    If ya stand and fish non-stop in the same place, your shiny encounter rate increases. You must successfully reel in a Pokemon every time without moving AN INCH in order to continue the chain. Having a Suction Cups Pokemon in your first slot will help decrease the chances of getting "Not even a nibble."

    And then there's me, getting to a 30-chain and getting a "Not even a nibble" even though I had a SC Inkay with me...
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  • bbrsniperxxbbrsniperxx Posts: 770Member Corporal
    I soft resetted a shiny shaymin in platinum, but now my L and R buttons are broken :(
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  • GummyBear15GummyBear15 Posts: 11,351Member Fabled
    Omergerd shinies =3=
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  • Yoky01Yoky01 Posts: 5,386Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Fabled
    I want to know what's Swirlix shiny form
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