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Flake jacket and damage

TigermigerTigermiger Posts: 1,463Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Sergeant
I don't know if this thread had been made before.

I think skyvu should completely take out armore and damage perks and trade them in with flak jacket and the ability to shoot through walls with something like fmj. The damage perk in this game always felt silly to me becuase to be honest if you put a damage perk in a game like this you would be stupid to not have it on all of your classes. Secondly the armor isn't as big of a deal but I find that It would still be smart to change it to flak jacket because not every one uses explosives and if they do they are probably a demo and half of the demos in this game use extra explosive damage.

I know I don't have stats and stuffs to back myself up but I think it would be pretty smart to take both of these perks out and replace them with flak jacket and fmj


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