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Botch "Assassin" explanation and guide

Aidalicious11Aidalicious11 Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 2,231 War Hero
hey everyone. there was a lot of confusion towards the class naming of botch. when you think of an assassin, you think of someone sneaking around the battle field getting sneaky, but fast kills, with über speed but low health. although Botch has incredible speed and low health, he is still used as somewhat of a fast AoE class. This guide explains some possibilities to the "Assassin" name, and how to implement some tactics onto the battlefield.

read this if you don't know what i mean by an AoE class. an AoE class is a class in which the player uses AoE attacks to target areas of enemies. a good example of an AoE class is the typical wizard, casting spells to send large areas into flames, or poisoning ect. to damage large quantities of enemies.

Possible "Assassin" explenation

Botch's Doom cloud is a powerful weapon, that kills extremely fast as you would expect of an assassin to do, but because of it's decent AoE, it makes the weapon used as an AoE attack to target large areas to take down enemies nearby in all directions. i believe the Pain field was originally created to be specifically teamed with the Doom cloud (although still good with Chaos toss) to sneak up behind enemy lines, then take out pain field on unsuspecting enemies and quickly take out, or assassinate the enemies. This could be an explenation to those two weapons, but what about Chaos toss?

Chaos toss isn't used by many because of the extreme damage and kill potential offered by doom cloud, and those who do use it use it as a team support-assist weapon (atleast most of the players ive come across). but, who said that there is no such thing as a long ranged assassin? i belive that this weapon was intended to be a kill steal weapon, where you lob it to an enemy who had taken a beating or is in a confrontation with one of your team mates, to poison them and quickly rob them of their health. you would hide around, and then strike when they dont see it coming, hopefully without being seen, and get sneaky kills. this can be helped by the assist of fear orbit.

so, now that you have brilliantly cracked the case of it's name, how can we use him on the battle field like an assassin?

I'm glad you asked person who definitely isn't me. I am going to show you a setup for Doom cloud and some strategies to help you!


Doom Cloud
Pain Field
Flawless Disguise
Damage/ speed

in this close ranged assassin setup, you sneak around in FD, then pop out with doom cloud to attack unsuspecting enemies. make sure to be sneaky, cuz when you play this game style, where you sneak around and get quick kills without dying, if an enemy sees you, they will rest at nothing to kill you. you may get less kills than how you normally use Botch (although i get more) you will definitely get less deaths if used properly. if there is a camper with high health or strong weapon that you are afraid of, or a small group of enemies rather than one to pick off, Pain field will come in handy, don't activate it in front of them, but behind, for more time to switch to doom cloud, activate it, and less time for them to shoot you.
I must say. i have gotten some extremely high streaks using this considering the enemies i face. if you are in gold or especially diamond this sneaky assassin play style will come in handy, but if silver and lower it may be very ineffective since your competition won't be as intense. i gave an option between damage and speed equips because it is really just a matter of personal taste, but i definitely recommend health.

My Class alteration concepts.

so right now, Botch can't really be described as a certain class. he has parts and attributes of many, so i think SkyVu should define his stats a bit better.

Assassin alterations

To make Botch more of an assassin, i believe that Doom cloud should have a smaller AoE and shortened duration. this would make it more confined and slightly less powerful in the sense of range and taking out multiple enemies at once, but would increase damage per enemy in radius, because the shots would be more confined so those in the AoE would get more damage dealt to them than if the AoE was larger, but so that it isn't too much more powerful, the duration would be reduced, and to make it easier to go from target to target without worrying about it being ready to shoot, a slightly faster reload would do just fine.
secondly, Pain field should gain a slight AoE increase for easier use, and possibly slows enemies by 5% or so inside, so they can't run away quite as fast.
the only other alteration is chaos toss would get a damage buff by a fair amount, to be able to compete with the other teammates trying to kill them too.

AoE Class alterations

I think that It may actually be better to turn Botch into a class that the game would really Benefit from, would be fun to play, and would add great new elements to the game, and AoE class.

The first basic change would be a possible speed nerf and health buff.
the next thing would be to drastically increase the AoE and duration of Doom Cloud, with a possible damage nerf or buff, its hard to tell which it would need if at all.
Pain field would get a huge AoE buff to around the size of Tesla shield, and possibly give a speed nerf or reduce the damage shot from outside to inside. some sort of cool effect.
Chaos toss would receive a larger AoE, longer effect, and a slight damage increase (not as large as would be for assassin), although would have a base amo of 1.

I do not have fear orbit, so i don't know enough to make alterations.

I hope you guys like my ideas, tips, and class suggestions. thanks! ^_^


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