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View the (even more) official FAQ here

NOTE: This FAQ/Q&A is written from the point of view of SkyVu, and I personally do not work for them.

Boot Camp


A: BATTLE BEARS GOLD is a funny and addictive class-based online multiplayer action shooter that lets you choose from 8 classes to play as, tons of wacky weapons and equipment to use, and allows you to play against millions of warriors worldwide! It is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

Q: What are the system requirements in order to run BATTLE BEARS GOLD?

A: BATTLE BEARS GOLD requires iPhone/iTouch 4G (A4 chip), and higher in order to run. iOS 5.0 or higher is also required. Any device with an iOS version before that may experience crashes.


Q: My account got wiped! (a.k.a) I lost all of my stuff I earned (a.k.a.) My auto login stopped working and I am logged in as GUEST - WHAT DO I DO?!

A: First, (*breath*) calm down. Your account is still alive and well, and all of your joules and gas are still there. Second, log back in to your old account. You can do this by opening the app and waiting until you get to the main menu. If, while it's loading, it says, "Logging on as Guest" then there's your problem. How to Log Back In To Your Account: From the main menu, click on the options button. Then click on "Log In Or Create An Account" at the bottom of the screen. Next, if you already have an account, make sure you tap the "Use Existing Login" button on the bottom left. Once you do that, you just need to enter your Email and Password and it will log you in. If you forgot your password, just tap the button that says "Forgot Password?"

Q: Can I play on my account on both my Apple and Android devices? (a.k.a) Do Apple and Android users play against each other?

A: Yes. All accounts are stored on a separate server, and can be accessed on any device. This also means that Apple and Android users play against each other.

Q: If I delete the game and re-download later is my account saved?

A: Yes. All accounts are stored on a separate server, and are shared between devices.

Q: Can I use items I purchase on multiple devices?

A: Yes. Since you are using the same account on multiple devices, any items you have purchased on one device can be used on another.

Q: How do guest accounts work?

A: Guest accounts will save all of your purchases and data to a temporary account. This account is permanently upgraded once you add your email and password to it. Guest accounts are ONLY tied to your devices UDID, and cannot be transferred to other devices until they have been upgraded.

Q: What will happen to my BATTLE BEARS account if I download BATTLE BEARS GOLD?

A: If you currently have a BATTLE BEARS account, you'll be able to use that same account for BATTLE BEARS GOLD. Once you log in with that account, all of your progress, items, characters, currency, etc. will be waiting for you. (NOTE: You may have to re-equip all of your items.)


Q: I keep getting disconnected!

A: It is likely your wireless router. Try using your 3G connection (if possible), or a different router. Most home routers only support a limited number of wi-fi connections, so if there are many devices using the wi-fi, you may experience frequent disconnections.

Q: I’m experiencing a lot of lag!

A: Lag is a result of the following factors:

- Server issues
- Other player connection problems
- Local connection issues

You can only directly effect your own connection by attempting to use different routers and networks to see what works best. We highly encourage wi-fi over 3G but your mileage will vary! Closing other open apps, and restarting your device when problems persist also helps.

Q: How much bandwidth will Battle Bears use?

A: On average Battle Bears will use about 522 kBytes per HOUR of play.
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    Nuh-uh, upDOOOTed. Get that extra O.
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  • DbackDback Member Posts: 956 Corporal
    Kool boot camp
  • Hakuna_MatataHakuna_Matata Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,325 Noble
    Did they quit on daily reward?! I was supposed to get 3 gas today but nothing...
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  • disconnected007disconnected007 Member Posts: 695 Corporal
    Assault is 100 gas, just saying for those of you who don't know. And pro mode has radar and jump seperately!!! I thought that if I had an account before i would get both.
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  • OctaviaOctavia Member Posts: 205 Recruit
    Will it not work at all on lower IOS devices or just be laggy?
  • DMADMA Member Posts: 2,212 War Hero
    maybe when battle bears 5.0 releases.. (it should be the last update)
  • ArcticBlueWhaleArcticBlueWhale Member Posts: 222 Recruit
    Got an update right now
  • SP4RKSSP4RKS Banned, Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 7,525 Fabled
    First question, what happened to converting gas to joules? I couldn't find any info on it. Second question, what happened to daily rewards? Third question, will bundle deals only be on special days, or are they random?
  • PsychePsyche Member Posts: 4,192 Exalted
    Not W3i anymore. NativeX, now.
  • SkyVuSkyVu Member, Administrator Posts: 1,489 SkyVu Employee
    Every characters spins uncontrolably when I tried to use the joy stick to move them. I do believe sometimes it is my fault to miss the joystick. But in some case, it happen when I was touching the centre of joy stick.

    Please help.
    @RingWekwon This is a known issue and a fix has been implemented into to the next update, which is currently being beta tested.
    SkyVu Entertainment.
    For support, please contact about your questions and concerns.
  • RingWekwonRingWekwon Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 7,257 Fabled
    Thank you and the team very much.
    Meet The team

  • DaSerpentDaSerpent Member Posts: 23 Recruit
    sorry, this is off topic, but how do you create a thread?
  • boliaoguyboliaoguy Member Posts: 33
    @DaSerpent lol u click the "new discussion" button under ur profile pic
  • darzy7winsdarzy7wins Member Posts: 1,385 Sergeant
    @Skyvu_Nick when i try to play on my dad's android it relatively lags like hell what to do also it's not my connection my ipad works fine
  • darzy7winsdarzy7wins Member Posts: 1,385 Sergeant
    what do i do?
  • L3gitTacoL3gitTaco Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 309 Recruit
    This is an interesting thread... The FAQ of BB never noticed it
  • potato_souppotato_soup Member Posts: 2,441 War Hero
    edited July 2013
    you forgot this one!

    Q: I have heard there is a double-jump feature if you equip SW Boots. I have tried it, but it doesn't work!

    A: In order to do the double-jump, you must use jump button first, then use SW Boots. The regular jump comes from leg power, but the Boots have small rockets, which is why you can't do it the other way around.
  • DMADMA Member Posts: 2,212 War Hero
    OCE's allowed for BBG?
  • ChaosChaos Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,227 Noble
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    *Has 2.4k views*
    *Only has 29 comments*


    Darn you mystery box -_-
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  • hateKChateKC Member Posts: 2
    Can someone explain the points for rank.. 3-6 kills/deaths 2nd on team 5 overall +30 for rank. Other team leaves no score -70. 7-1 1st on team 2nd overall -79 for rank. I tried figuring out the formula they use and came up with 2+2= Jello.Is that right?
  • VogniteVognite Member Posts: 2,664 Noble
    Dem Promotes. Gratz.
  • TurkishkamikazeTurkishkamikaze Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 161 Recruit
    I have a little question
    Can I play with my friend who is useing an Apple device and I a Android device ??
  • Hug2DeathHug2Death Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 6,791 Fabled
    Yes you can. As long as you are both on the same update it will work.
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  • PainkillerPainkiller Member Posts: 486 Recruit
    @Turkishkamikaze sure you can, with every kind of device with android and with everybody across the world
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  • TurkishkamikazeTurkishkamikaze Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 161 Recruit
    Oh than I dont know what I'm or he does wrong , because today I create a room and then when he was searching the room name stands there always " The room is not exist" on his Ipod 4 ??? :|
  • BR-1000BR-1000 Member Posts: 8,070 Best of the Worst
    edited December 2013

    Does anyone know how to use Taunts on BBG for PC?

    Once you purchase them and equip them, it replaces the woohoo button

    it only activates when you are on the ground and you press woohoo, if you are in the air and press woohoo, you will just say woohoo

    (as for the key you are supposed to use, I have no idea)
  • SolidSnakeSolidSnake Member Posts: 349 Recruit
    @BR_1000 Haha you said the things I didn't need but when it came to what button that command is assigned to, which is what I really needed, you didn't know.....
  • SpaceSheepSpaceSheep Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 995 Corporal
    How can I use the team speak on W8? Because I press "Z" and then it makes wohoo but when I press "Q" I can see al the team speaks but idk how to choose follow me or attack my target...
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  • dexter1337dexter1337 Member Posts: 374 Recruit
    @Raaul use your mouse... its a prob to team speak while fighting... and thanks for telling that z is whoohoo i didnt know that... so u get a like
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  • T3h1PhantomT3h1Phantom Member Posts: 652 Corporal
    Idk if this was already said, but the game's graphics are currently bad, and I have teh latest everything. Why?
  • ApothecyApothecy Member, Moderator, Assistant Administrator, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 2,662 Noble
    @T3h1Phantom - Which device are you using?
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  • ApothecyApothecy Member, Moderator, Assistant Administrator, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 2,662 Noble
    @T3h1Phantom - Ah, that was one of the lower end devices. The resolution was lowered for all low end devices to improve gameplay on them. The game has been slowing down recently on those devices due to the amount of content being added.
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  • T3h1PhantomT3h1Phantom Member Posts: 652 Corporal
    edited February 2014
    @Apothecy really? Well, I have IOS 7, and my iPad is pretty much lag-free for other games...
  • WayneWayne Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 219 Recruit
    Will Andriod Version of BBG get Everyplay recording soon? We andriod users also want to record ya know?
  • Cordoroy323Cordoroy323 Member Posts: 980 Corporal
    Hey @Apothecy‌
    I kinda also want to know about the graphic problem.Why is it blurry?I'm using iPhone4s.Any way there can be done about that :-/
  • HammadHammad Member Posts: 3,433 Noble
    @Apothecy. Thanks for the explanation, but for me, plant the bomb will make me LOSE skill no matter how many bombs I plant, how many times my team won, and how many kills I have.
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  • HammadHammad Member Posts: 3,433 Noble

    Hey @Apothecy‌
    I kinda also want to know about the graphic problem.Why is it blurry?I'm using iPhone4s.Any way there can be done about that :-/

    @Cordoroy323. Yea, it's normal. For older devices, >iPad 2 and >iPhone 4S, the graphics are like that so the game won't lag or crash because the older devices can't handle too much content.
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  • andy126andy126 Member Posts: 2 Recruit
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