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About Graham's turrets

DancingNinjaDancingNinja Member Posts: 870 Corporal
edited December 2012 in BB GOLD
Hi guys, I've posted this question on my activity a couple of times but no one knew. So does propbearganda's buff affect Graham's turret damage? Also same for Gamma ray's radiation speed (which is most likely not).

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  • 123123 Member Posts: 3,300 Noble
    If it affects Turrets, there would be Propbearganda sign above the turrets
    You've been around for awhile and you're most noble!
  • DancingNinjaDancingNinja Member Posts: 870 Corporal
    @123123123 yeah but what confuses me is whether turrets are actually considered as teammates or not.
  • 123123 Member Posts: 3,300 Noble
    edited December 2012
    Assistants, maybe :-/
    You've been around for awhile and you're most noble!
  • DancingNinjaDancingNinja Member Posts: 870 Corporal
    @123123123 No lol there's two options, it's either a "min-teammate" like you mentioned above or just simply a normal secondary weapon which does gets affected just like all other weapons in game.
  • 123123 Member Posts: 3,300 Noble
    I don't know about that one.
    You've been around for awhile and you're most noble!
  • DancingNinjaDancingNinja Member Posts: 870 Corporal
    @123123123 Well thanks for contributing anyway! Anyone else can confirm if his opinion is true?
  • JYisAwesomeJYisAwesome Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 1,653 Lieutenant
    It most likely doesn't cos' Probearganda only affects team-mates and yourself. And take a look at the definition of mate.

    mate 1 |māt|
    1 each of a pair of birds or other animals: a male bird sings to court a mate.
    • informal a person's husband, wife, or other sexual partner.
    • informal one of a matched pair: a sock without its mate.
    2 [ in combination ] a fellow member or joint occupant of a specified thing: his tablemates.
    • Brit. informal used as a friendly form of address between men or boys: “See you then, mate.”
    • Brit. informal a friend or companion: I was with a mate | my best mate, Steve.
    3 an assistant or deputy, in particular:
    • an assistant to a skilled worker: a plumber's mate.
    • a deck officer on a merchant ship subordinate to the master. See also first mate.
    1 [ no obj. ] (of animals or birds) come together for breeding; copulate: successful males may mate with many females.
    • [ with obj. ] bring (animals or birds) together for breeding.
    • join in marriage or sexual partnership: people tend to mate with others in their own social class.
    2 connect or be connected mechanically. [ with obj. ] a four-cylinder engine mated to a five-speed gearbox.
    mateless adjective
    ORIGIN late Middle English: from Middle Low German māt(e)‘comrade,’ of West Germanic origin; related to meat (the underlying notion being that of eating together).
    mate 2 |māt|
    noun& verbChess
    short for checkmate.
    ORIGIN Middle English: the noun from Anglo-Norman French mat (from the phrase eschec mat ‘checkmate’); the verb from Anglo-Norman French mater ‘to checkmate.’
    maté |ˈmäˌtā|(also yerba maté )
    1 (also maté tea )an infusion of the leaves of a South American shrub, which is high in caffeine and bitter.
    • the leaves of this shrub.
    2 the South American shrub of the holly family that produces these leaves.
    [Ilex paraguariensis, family Aquifoliaceae.]
    ORIGIN early 18th cent.: from Spanish mate, from Quechua mati .

  • DancingNinjaDancingNinja Member Posts: 870 Corporal
    @JYisAwesome I didn't ask for a copied and pasted definition of mate lol. Anyway thanks for contributing.
  • kagamine_rin14kagamine_rin14 Member Posts: 110 Corporal
    Well I saw u tried it on me awhile ago xD, out there putting up sentry guns ;) , I notice Graham's a little difficult tho.
  • DancingNinjaDancingNinja Member Posts: 870 Corporal
    edited December 2012
    @kagamine_rin14 Yep he really is. His biggest weakness is that he can never rely on himself so if your sentry or mines are destroyed and your team sucks, you'd better pray your gamma ray or power glove can save you. His speed is junk even though his boots add 25% so you can't run away either. Forget tanking when you can't even damage your enemies by yourself. Also, FD. Graham's biggest enemy. That thing is immune to all his secondaries. I couldn't believe it when I saw someone FD through my mines. Turrets never detect FD too.
  • MeDaManMeDaMan Member Posts: 559
    Thats why i use FD for a lot of classes now
  • DancingNinjaDancingNinja Member Posts: 870 Corporal
    @ΩneWingedLoner Thank you so much! :)
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