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A guide to Graham and his turrets

IWantToKillIWantToKill Member Posts: 360 Recruit
Considering the fact that Graham just came out, I decided to make a guide of using your sentry to the fullest advantage. Really sorry if this is bad, this is my first guide.
Tf2 players: Ok, If you play TF2, you have to realize that BBR engineer is NOTHING like a tf2 engineer. Why? Because both turrets are totally different. A tf2 turret has limited range but can turn around completely to get any enemy around it. A BBR turret has nearly unlimited range at the cost of not being able to fire anything behind it. With this, we can continue our lessons. Please erase all memory of how to play Tf2 engineer now.
Your sentry: The sentry that is at your disposal has a low amount of health and cant turn around. What makes it good? First off the nearly (it does have limits) unlimited range can be used to harass people in the first 5 seconds of the round. When graham first comes out of the box, you will find yourself getting trampled by every single other class. This where you sentry comes in. A graham must ALWAYS be close to his sentry unless he knows that his team can handle the enemies.
Your point on the team: So what we learned is that Graham can't fight (unless he has land mines) and that he has a sentry that can pack a punch if you can lure an unknowing player into it. Still, what is your real point on the team? Graham is special because he provides something totally different thing to the table: strategy. While other classes bring different kinds of firepower to push into the enemy territory, Graham stays back and protects the backfield from huggables and other enemies trying to gum up the works. Graham is the best class at protecting things like health packs that can be used for the team, power ups, and sheilds, and especially your own spawn


  • 0_FeliX_00_FeliX_0 Member Posts: 5,469 Fabled
    I hope I have around 100 gas when I next play BBR. Area denial's my kind of thing.
  • IWantToKillIWantToKill Member Posts: 360 Recruit
    Part II:
    Sentry Placement: The sentry is a hard thing to get the hang of because there will always be that one huggable who will find a way behind it. Unfortunately, that is the thing you have to expect. Your sentry will never last that long unless your team is dominating the other. A good sentry placement also depends on what you want out of your sentry. For example, if i was on spaceship and wanted to harass the other team at a safe distance, I would place my sentry on the front balcony. Learn how far the sentry can go. Even though Graham is a support class, if all you team works together to protect the sentry, it could become a devastating amount of firepower. If you are looking to protect something like your spawn, health packs, or power ups, you have to place it in an unknown spot. For example, placing it on top of the windmill to protect the large health pack with a bonus of catching unsuspecting people down below
    I only played graham for 12 matches or so. (first 5 were VERY frustrating) but Graham can seriously mess up the other team even if the sentry doesnt have much defense
  • IWantToKillIWantToKill Member Posts: 360 Recruit
    Part III:
    Playing Mine Graham: The second you equip those mines, you turn into a completely different class. Yes, you still have your power glove (or gamma ray if you prefer it for some reason) but you don't have to be close to your sentry 24/7 because you have a firepower thats is finally in your hands like every other class. As a mine Graham, you will probably find yourself constantly playing offensively. You should always be sticking by narrows hallways since your mines wreck anything within close-quarter of it (1-hit kills with explosives +4 for every class except for heavy).
    Main strategy: In the end, your job as a graham is to lure people into whatever traps you have set up for them whether its a turret or a mine. You can become possibly your teams biggest firepower if your team works with you and makes sure your sentry is defended, you can get many kills while still staying at a distance with your sentry. Mines are the total opposite of the sentries, involving you getting into there base and wrecking every narrow hallway in site :3
    Thank you for reading :)
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