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  • Welcome two new Trial Moderators to the Mod Team!

    @Earmuffs and @Oops_killed_ya

    Both of these forumers will be helping the rest of the mods out with our duties for the rest of this month and the next, so don't be alarmed by their shiny new role.
  • Happy 7th Birthday BATTLE BEARS

    Seven years ago, we pressed SUBMIT on iTunes Connect and made our first game live on the App Store. It was just called BATTLE BEARS (I made sure it was all CAPS) and we priced it at $0.99. We grew out of my Dad's basement and my step-mom wasn't too crazy about us recording voice tracks in her living room upstairs, so we rented another house and was busy moving all of our stuff that the launch of BATTLE BEARS wasn't our top priority. It wasn't until September 1, 2009 when the first App Store reviews started coming in and they were all glowing 5-star reviews. I remember getting a giant bear hug from MKingery that day. We didn't even know how many downloads we got, we were just happy that SOMEBODY out there liked this little arcade shooter game we made.


    Looking back, we're so thankful for those first players that gave our game a try and propelled it to #2 on the App Store only a few days after it debuted. I still think that if it wasn't for the start of football season and the Madden NFL app getting featured, that BATTLE BEARS would've reached #1 on the charts. Regardless, I'm thankful for the SkyVu team that made that game possible: Michael Kingery, Chris Frechette, John Sliffe, Cory Cerone, Leah Smith, Tony Ferguson, Brian Bell, cousin An Vu and Markus Hofer (BLACKISH) over in Denmark. And I would not have been able to hire that team without the support of eight Nebraska Angels who I call 'The Great Eight' led by Karen & James Linder. All incredible people that made the first game a reality.


    Sometimes I wonder if we just stuck with a stationary arcade shooter and just kept adding more campaigns. But then we would never have made BATTLE BEARS -1 and without the success of BB-1, we wouldn't have been able to make BATTLE BEARS ROYALE (BBR) which evolved into BATTLE BEARS GOLD (BBG). Maybe one day we'll make an anniversary edition of BATTLE BEARS ZOMBIES, maybe we'll launch it August 31, 2019 when BATTLE BEARS is 10 years old. Imagine that :smile:

    I'm sure many of you are wondering what we're working on and where we've been. We're working on something but I can't reveal anything at the moment. I can say that the mobile games industry continues to get more crowded and that makes it tough for smaller teams like ours to compete with games with much larger marketing budgets and teams. So we're evaluating the road ahead carefully and reading all of your awesome suggestions.

    Thanks for your support BB forum members.


  • Battle Bears Monthly Art Contest Information. (Contest has begun)


    Yellow people of the Forums. As of now, people are finding this place dead due to the fact that SkyVu isn't saying much for the last few months. That stinks... but back then the community had quite a lot of activity and those holiday art contest sure did help. So I took upon myself to host BattleBears art contest monthly. So what you're about to read below is how the contest works. I will like you to please comment on what should I change and ask questions. I'm planning to start the first contest around September 1-10.(contest has begun)

    In order to find winners to the contest. I'll like 5-10 people to be judging the contest. If you are a judge, you can still participate and maybe win but you can't score yourself, instead NYCO will. If NYCO likes your drawings a lot, he'll send you something special. To become a judge, ask before the contest starts. But I'll personally pick the people who asked so there is a chance you will not be a judge. I'll switch Judges every 2 months.

    This is how judging works
    You score depending on the topic for each participants drawings

    Quality of work 1-50

    How the drawing works with the theme 1-30

    The idea of the drawing 1-20

    Total score 100

    After all the judges score each drawing the judges will add up all the points and the winner will be the one with the most points!

    How long each contest last?
    It depends on the theme, but they'll be around 2-3 weak long.

    Each month will have a different theme. Judges can help each other on what should it be. Themes determines on what kinds of stuff you should be drawing like the BattleBears doing a crossover, The BattleBears being a house furniture, or something physical. Who knows!

    I got a word from Trang. We got BBO gem currency. But we decide the amount of gems depending on how many people join.

    Everyone's a winner!
    Even if you didn't win, we'll at least show the forums your genius drawing's. But if NYCO happens to like your drawing a lot! He'll send you something special.

    So please give me your opinion on the contest. The forum may need your support.

    Who may be judging.
    Tune in later to see who judges next.
  • Re: Battle Bears Forum Community Survey -:- Final Results and Discussion Thread

    After oh-so-many hours of work and two cans of lemonade on my end, the end of the results is finally here! Again, we'd like to thank all 45 participants for filling out the survey!

    As for the future, I will repeat that nearly all of these responses will be looked over by SkyVu Entertainment and the Moderation Team for feedback. This information that you've provided us is incredibly important, more than you think, and trust us, it will come in handy.

    Thanks for reading!
    You may now provide your comments below. Hopefully this generates quite the discussion, as we will be looking over the comments extensively too, if any!

    or you can poke at me for this being practically my largest thread ever
  • Battle Bears Forum Community Survey -:- Final Results and Discussion Thread

    Hi, everyone.

    If you've been here for the past two weeks or so, you may have noticed that we have put up a Community Survey for members of this Forum to fill out. We posted it on June 9th, and now, as of the final day, June 17th, the survey has gotten a grand total of 45 responses from the community. That's quite a lot considering how inactive this Forum might be at times, so we consider that quite the accomplishment! We'd like to thank everyone who participated!

    For those unaware, the survey was split into two sections: Battle Bears and how it's being handled by SkyVu Entertainment, and the state of the community and Moderation Team. It was mainly created to generate feedback for both SkyVu and the Moderation Team to look over and keep in mind for the future, as we were sure that the survey would allow members to fully express themselves in ways that they haven't yet before, and we were quite pleasantly surprised by the responses we got.

    And so, here today are the final results of the survey. We hope that this gives everyone an understanding of how others feel about certain aspects both publicly and anonymously.

    Section 1: The state of Battle Bears and SkyVu Entertainment

    Multiple Choice Answers

    Text Responses:
    Section 2: The state of the Community and the Forum Moderation Team

    Multiple Choice Answers

    Text Responses:

    Additionally, I will summon all of the currently active Moderators and SkyVu members so they can read over this thread and the results as soon as it is posted, due to its incredible importance in terms of feedback.

  • SkyVu is inactive at the moment. So let's do something to keep things going.

    As of now. Sky vu has been inactive for quite some time. No updates, no teasers, nothing to keep BattleBears alive. So yes SkyVu may be considered dead or in a coma. A few years ago they had a billboard somewhere, active facebook,and tons of other fun sh*t we love and now it's gone when we got negative on BBO and such. But why SkyVu ain't telling us them updates? Is it because the overwhelming dislike on BBO because of how BBU is better? Is it because they are afraid that the new update is not gonna please people. Is it because they lack cash to do development? Who knows... but we are all by ourselves. But let's think what happen a few years ago by fans like us.... We had tournaments. We had tons of fan art. We had art contest(I like those), and daily disscusions on battle bears in general. So yeah sure SkyVu can't keep themselves alive... but us fans can. You see as people quit playing BattleBears, less support is received to SkyVu which makes SkyVu die. But if we show our pile of art. Talk about Battlebears with friends, and host tourneys with other gamers. We are showing that what they do is working and that's good! So what the community is missing are events. We had Christmas/ haloween art contest and we had tourneys... now that gives me an idea. We should do monthly art contest! Someone or Skyvu themselves host some art contest so people can come together and draw some &h!t! Or to make it more intesting.... prizes! Prizes are the bait for people trying a little bit and make something nice! So SkyVu is highly inactive, but fan activities should keep the place alive while SkyVu is really busy or need us to show that we like what they are doing!
  • 1st Ever (Probably) BBG Racing Tourney! (CLOSED)

    Hey guys, I got an idea for a casual game that everyone can participate in. This is contest to see who can run the fastest around the temples of the map Aztec Attack.

    1. @Dujuran 61 Seconds
    2. @thecheeselover 66 Seconds
    3. Oscar 67.6 Seconds

    -I got a time of 56.5 but, I feel that it would be weird if I won. (Being the creater of the event)

    5. No cheating
    6. No use of Charged Run or So Fly
    7. Follow the course

    1. Start on the jump pad at the back of the temple
    2. The time starts when you press any button while bouncing on the jump pad
    3. Go through the "room" where the shields are located
    4. Do a full lap to the jump pad (You do not have to touch the jump pad)
    5. Repeat (2 Laps)
    6. The time ends when you touch the jump
    Video Demo

    How to post your times

    If you're on IOS 9 or higher, you can download Airshou here

    On the Google Play store, there is a free aplication called "Mobizen" you can use that to record your screen.

    Post your video link on this thread or Kik me @soo...hey

    How the times are determined

    I'll try to mark the times with a stopwatch to the best of my abilites.
    If any volenteers (Not participating in the event) want to help measure the times, it would be helpful.


    With the help of SkyVu, I was able to secure Gas prizes for the top 3 times.
    The prize amount is dependent on the amount of people who want to participate in the event. So please invite people outside of the forums.

    How to join

    PM me or contact me on kik @soo...hey for those who don't have a forum account.
    There will be an extra week given to test and perfect your racing abilities!

    People Participating
    Jimmy(Netflix and chill)
    Soggy Fries
  • Battle Bears Overclock keeps crashing on my iPad!!!

    I can't explain it all so watch the video understand my situation.

    (Mobile users click the picture to start vid)

    BTW it is just a video to symatize with all the crashes other people have been experiencing.
    So to do that I made a funny skit.
    Hope ya like my overacting :smiley:
  • Battle Bears Forum Community Survey (CLOSED; Thanks for participating!)

    As of June 17th, the survey has closed and a Results Thread will be going up shortly. Thanks to all 45 participants for filling out the survey!

    Hi, everyone.

    After seeing the state of the community during recent events and being inspired from what a few other communities are doing to gather feedback, I've gone ahead and created something over these last few days that's sure to help out us out.

    This is a Community Survey, existing as a method of feedback for both SkyVu Entertainment regarding the state of the Battle Bears franchise, and the Forum's Moderation Team regarding the state of the community, current rules, and how the team is handling situations in general. There are 43 questions that each ask you, the fellow community member, how you feel about certain aspects. 31 of them are multiple choice, and there are 10 instances where you'll be allowed to express yourself through the use of text, though they are not required. These questions are split up into two sections of the survey. The first half will be focused on Battle Bears and how SkyVu is handling it, while the second half is focused on the community and Moderation Team. Many of these questions may have been asked by numerous users already as polls on the Forum before, but this survey is meant to combine relevant questions to give us an opportunity to look over responses for all of them at one time.

    Your responses will not only be looked over for feedback by both SkyVu and the Moderation Team, but a thread will be created in the near-future showcasing the results, including the averages of each answer and text responses that we feel deserved to be shared with the community. You may remain completely Anonymous in this survey by following the directions of certain questions, or, if you want us to know who you are, you can provide us with your Forum name at the end of the survey.

    We hope that this gives you more of an opportunity to express your feelings about certain aspects than ever before, as again, we will look over it as a team for uses in the coming future.

    Without further delay, here is the link to the survey.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this survey, please let us know below.
  • Re: BBG skins made by Patrick

    I'd love to see these. Pretty clever descisions too.