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  • Re: Battle Bears Overclock Memories

    Adixion wrote: »
    SSP_Rism wrote: »
    Adixion wrote: »
    SSP_Rism wrote: »
    “Most OP team”
    Didn’t have me on it so it clearly wasn’t (;

    You didn’t play BBO with me during hard launch

    Ya kicked me from 3lite i didn't have any way of speaking to you besides randomly in chat

    You left to join DL bro lol

    Then he must've known what was up ;)
  • Re: Imagine BBR in 2016

    Welp, here we are.
    It's 2016.

    Hello from an even darker future, past selves of fellow forumers, my name is InstableGriff. I've created a time portal and teleported myself to this time period to set the minds of your past selves straight and tell you all that even in 2016, things have not gotten as better as you predicted.

    ... Granted, the year literally just started, so there could be much more down the road, but is that going to stop me from jumping back in time to let all of you know of the bleak and insecure future, the time you originally predicted to be brighter and happier? No. Allow me to drop by and confirm what has happened with you all since this thread's creation, and see if your predictions were correct (at the time of my arrival).

    "Dban1 wrote:
    Imagine BBR in 2016
    "BBR"? Battle Bears Royale, you say?
    Hehe, awwh, you're funny.
    Yeah, that's no longer even a thing... at least, the original version. A year after this thread's creation, this precious little game was renamed to simply "Battle Bears", and then revamped later in the year as "Battle Bears Gold". Kind of a slightly dumb name, I know, but we've gotten used to it.

    "Dban1 wrote:
    Using all sorts of crazy imagination you have, and possibly experience, what would you imagine of Battle Bears Royale 4 years down the road? I think it'll be:
    -Very well-known
    -Many things may have been revamped
    -New concepts and systems
    -Maybe close to 11 maps
    -Many more specials
    -More character speeches and weapons
    -And best of all, around 6-7 game modes! :O :o :O (including tutorial and maybe some offline training xD)
    - The game is fairly well-known now, yes, but not in the "extremely famous" sense.
    - The only thing that has been revamped is the HUD. That's it, everything else is intact.
    - The only entirely new huge concepts created since this thread have been the Pro Mode (including the option to Jump, finally) and the ability to join and create matches on a server. Again, not as much as you originally anticipated.
    - 14 maps are currently in the game. Much better than you predicted, but it doesn't feel as special as your past self may think.
    - Nope. Nada. There hasn't been a single new Special since BBR. I'm just as disappointed as you are.
    - Well, there are more characters now, way more actually, many of them being pointless inclusions to the Battle Bears lore, so I guess that means more "character speeches" too. And of course there are new weapons, many more than you could ever imagine at the time of this thread. Unfortunately, some people now actually see it as "too much content", making it become a complaint with the game as a whole. If you wanted that to happen, well, you've succeeded.
    - Only 4 Game Modes (not counting Training). The same old Team Battle and Plant the Bomb, along with two new ones, Free-for-All and... er, I forgot the last one.. I think it was "King" or something. And no, there is still no Offline mode. Yeeeeaaah.

    Overall, your predictions only ended up being exaggerated. Only a select few of them came true. If only you knew, man. You shouldn't have put as much trust in SkyVu in terms of new content as you originally have. Things have been disappointing for all of us, I'm sure your past self would've been very upset at this, and deep inside your mind somewhere, I think he is. I'm sorry that this all didn't turn out the way you wanted, but I guess some things just can't change dramatically even after years of being alive.

    "Hackey5 wrote:
    I have faith SkyVu can keep great stuff happening, but I am well aware of the effort, and that eventually there will be a time when BB: Royale is more than complete, or SkyVu simply move on to new and bigger projects, just like what has happened with BB-1. Give SkyVu the respect they deserve, and expect no more than the awesomeness they already provide.
    Hackey, dear friend, I wish I could say that things have remained consistently as "awesome" as they were, but as I explained to the past self of this thread's very creator, things aren't as bright as you had hoped. Sure, there have been some neat additions such as Pro Mode and only a few of the new characters, but nothing groundbreaking has happened besides a name change. In terms of "moving on to new and bigger projects", SkyVu has done that with Battle Bears Ultimate, the sequel to BBG... before it flopped on launch, was removed from the App Store after a few months, and was brought back last year as Battle Bears Overclock. Right now, they're focusing on polishing it, and well, I can only hope for the best with this new attempt. We can no longer expect the same level of awesomeness from the old days from SkyVu, we all have lower expectations now. We'll just have to keep glancing at the progress of these new games and see if anything good comes out of them. As for your predictions, like with Dban's, I feel extremely bad to say that things aren't as "awesome" as you hoped, even though "BB:Royale", now known as BB Gold, is still alive.


    nah i kid.
    but i keep feeling scared that skyvu will get too big and greedy and they will just become another one of those companies, like the ones that dont even care about their fans.....
    Well, there are plenty of spammers out there now with weapons like Carpet Bomb, so you aren't far-off on that.

    And, well, your fears came true... mostly. They aren't a "big company", in fact, they're now smaller than they used to be. But yes, they can sometimes show signs of desperation for more cash. I won't go into exact detail about what's been going on with them, but the people who worked on the original games are now all gone with the exception of two, and there are new employees in their place working on the newer games, such as Battle Bears Overclock. For the past few years, they didn't seem to care about us fans like you feared and they were in pretty bad shape, but nowadays, they actually do seem to care quite a bit. They ask us for feedback all the time and they seem grateful for it. Hopefully things will at least stay this way if they won't get better than that, and let's just hope that things don't delve down as deep as you predicted.

    "naporu wrote:
    I think that BBR will be finished with updates in 2014, maybe sooner.
    Nope, not even close.

    I'm always scared that SkyVu will run out of ideas ;~;
    You should know that all too well by now, Nova. Well, frankly, they didn't completely run out of ideas, but... they did get less creative with things, as you should know.

    It won't be around in 2016 dude will be lucky if it survives through 2013
    Oh, you wouldn't believe...

    This game will be obsolete by that time. Look at BBZ. Look at the graphics on that game. That was high end stuff 3 years ago. Look at BB-1. THAT was also high end stuff 2 years ago. BBR is going to go obsolete because the graphics will pale in comparison.
    While yes, the graphics are now outdated and it does look like it could go obsolete at any minute, the game is still around as BBG. It seems to me that SkyVu's isn't going to take it down any time soon, no matter how much it ages as each year passes. Maybe that's why they're focusing so much on BBO, after all they did say that it's hard to create new content for BBG with the "old tech".

    "Moxie wrote:
    BBR won't survive until 2016. SkyVu would probably make better games, because by 2016, BBR will be beaten or rivaled by plenty of other apps.
    BBG is still alive, SkyVu has only made slightly better games, but the game is now under the radar mostly because, yes, it was beaten by rival apps that have better technology behind their development.

    "SilentDD wrote:
    By 2016, I bet we'll be at like BB4 or something.
    We aren't even at freakin' Battle Bears 2 yet.
    The Storyline is long-gone, ever since BB0's rushed beta release, so that's entirely out of the question. Moving on.

    BBR will most likely be finished in 2013.

    Btw, in 2016 BBR will have more than 6-8 gamemodes bro. :D By then they will be on the new stuff like Xbox 720!
    4 game modes. I'm not sure if that last part is supposed to be a joke or not, but I'll just say this:
    Don't expect a console Battle Bears game.

    i will probably, be challenging skyvu rob in SC2 legacy of the void, and be locked in an epic stalemate with him :)
    >implying he would still be here

    I'm sure BBG or possibly even SkyVu as a whole will be gone by 2016.
    ... *looks at the still-alive forum* ... *goes on my iPad and sees BBG still on my home screen* ... *plays the game and it still works* ...
    No signs of being dead here. Only signs of insecurity.
    As I stated before, the year just started, so there's a chance that BBG and/or SkyVu could die out before the end of the year. Things have definitely gotten slightly worse than they were in 2014, so your prediction isn't too far-off. Just continue preparing yourself for when the day comes, there's still a chance it could all die before our very eyes.

    I think:
    -Certain maps will have vehicles. The vehicles won't have weps, but you can fire from them.
    -There will be a map that is very small and is nothing but flat ground.
    -All the good usernames will be taken.
    -New special equipment so that only certain classes can use.
    -Malcolm becomes a class (Probably someone spexializing in using the vehicles mentioned above.) as well as the Necromancer. (Weapons that do something awesome whenever they do the final blow. I'm thinking whenever the default primary kills somebody, it brings an AI-controlled version of that class up that has 50% health and attempts to kill whoever was killed by the Necromancer for that zombie. Also possibly he gets stronger based on how many kills happened within the last 60 seconds.)
    -Huggables will be given a melee attack called "Boneitus." It is an insta-kill on all classes except Assault (Dies in 2 hits) but having it cuts the Huggable's speed in half. In other words, makes it more like the slow-moving insta-death huggable shown in other BB games.
    -Everything good still costs gas or an outrageous amount of joules.
    ... Everything listed here isn't in the game at all. Like, seriously, did you think this would all happen before this point? Yes, there are newer, flatter maps and everything still costs Gas, but everything else is blown out of the water. No vehicles, no Malcolm, no "Boneitus" attack, none of that, and there's a good chance that they could never happen, as the new SkyVu team have forgotten how the "old technology" of BBG works. I don't see much more content being added into the game before they completely stop for good, but any ideas of this extent will not happen, period.

    Welp, that's that. This is it. 2016 so far for you.
    Not as exciting as you all expected it to be, huh? Most of your predictions were either slightly right but not pin-point or wrong on so many levels. But, you know, I can understand it all. If I said something on this thread myself of what they should add to the game, I would've had high hopes and ideas myself, because I never expected SkyVu to dig themselves into a deep, dark hole, just as the rest of you haven't. But now we know, we all know.

    The future, in my personal opinion, still doesn't look as bright as one could hope. I do pray that some day, SkyVu will become the great company they once were, but the chances of that happening are becoming slimmer and slimmer with each year. Battle Bears Overclock's Hard Launch may just be their last shot. Your predictions of SkyVu dying by the end of this year could become true at any given moment, let's all admit the fact. But there's still a chance that we can see a positive future, so let's hope for that.

    Well, that's enough of my little visit to this time capsule. Just thought I'd be the first to inform your past selves of the questionable future I just so happen to be part of. I'll be going now, with hopes of a high future, but do realize that things aren't going much bett---

    "Leah wrote:
    Like when we DIE?! D:

  • Old BBG Veteran here

    Hey guys it's Roadrash here, I've been playing BBG back when it was called BBR. Yikes! I'm old.

    It's been a year and a half since I quit BBG. Ever since I've built my own PC and now play Overwatch, PUBG, Rocket league and G-mod. My question to you guys: what games did you start playing after BBG?

    I would like to let skyvu know that I loved all of their Battle Bears games(yes even BBO) and thanks for making my childhood awesome with such memorable games.

    Kind Regards,
  • Re: Battle Bears Royale 2 - Make Your Suggestions!

    Honestly, I'm so used to the botch skin showing above the place it's supposed to I wud miss it
  • Re: Anyone still alive?

  • Re: OinkK OINK

    Storm wrote: »

    How dare you
  • Re: Anyone still alive?

  • Re: Battle Bears Overclock Memories

    Adixion wrote: »
    SSP_Rism wrote: »
    “Most OP team”
    Didn’t have me on it so it clearly wasn’t (;

    You didn’t play BBO with me during hard launch

    Ya kicked me from 3lite i didn't have any way of speaking to you besides randomly in chat
  • Re: Battle Bears Overclock Memories

    “Most OP team”
    Didn’t have me on it so it clearly wasn’t (;
  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    Oh yeah, forgot about Steam Yard Blues.

    Nobody likes that map. The fact that I consistently forget about it in the first place proves its lack of balance and quality.