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  • Re: Battle Bears Royale 2 - Make Your Suggestions!

    Aim Difficulty Tier (Easiest to Hardest)
    1) PC and Mac
    2) Mobile
    3) Console
    4) Laptop Mouse
  • Re: Battle Bears Royale 2 - Make Your Suggestions!

    SkyVu_Ben wrote: »
    Would console players have an unfair advantage against mobile players? Would you want to know if you're playing with/against a console player?

    In my opinion I think that the mobile device have the advantage since it's much easier to control on the aiming side and some others. Unless you guys corporate motion controls into the console version and figure out the ways to make it work on consoles. Other than that it's fine. I think putting it in consoles would make the franchise much more popular.
  • Re: Old BBG Veteran here

    I'm surprised by almost everyone going to PC straight after battle bears. That's awesome!
  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    Storm wrote: »

    -Fix textures and bugs that have existed for a while, I forget if the FFA bug has been fixed or not to be honest, it's been a bit since I've really played that much.
    -Possibly make automatching put you into public rooms (with similarly ranked players?) as a backup so wait times don't land around the two minute mark.

    The ffa glitch was fixed, however there is a strange texture bug that appeared i believe this year on haunted castle with the switches for the gates to open and close.

    Lobbying allows you to see who you’re playing with automatching would break that and sometimes people like to group together and vs a bunch of pubs, automatchers would get on the group of people’s side and ruin it.
  • Comment On This Whenever You Come Back

    Hey, I'm Ryan.

    This might be the last discussion I ever create.

    Many of you have probably seen my videos online like on YouTube as Ryan Smith, but I used to be a hardcore BBR/BBG player from 2012-2015 as well as a forumer here back in late 2013 and throughout 2014.

    This place, chatango, palringo, and most importantly, the servers on Battle Bears used to be super alive and provided me tons of memories and friendships which now give me nostalgia whenever I ponder about the good times I had as a 13 year old kid.

    I thought this thread could be for old-time users like me who only come on to check in every few months or years or so and basically say we were here. We can all simply comment saying something dumb such as “________ was here” and talk about what we've been up to since the last visit.

    Maybe this will serve as a testament of what Battle Bears meant to us random users all across the globe. Although it will never be the same on the forum or on the apps as they once were, and many blame SkyVu for changing their games and making various mistakes, Battle Bears will always have a place within our minds and within our hearts.

    Maybe we will show new generations of gamers how amazing the past was when we were younger and less busy. When we had the time to master our craft, join clans, fight wars, and stay up all night in chat rooms discussing the one thing we could all relate to: Battle Bears.

    Maybe new users who happen to stumble onto here after playing the games SkyVu currently offers will come across this and be inspired to begin an entirely new era on this site, reviving the activity and having good times like we did long ago.

    Maybe the future will be brighter than the past.

    Who knows.

    But I do know I had a part of my childhood as a tween/early teen dedicated to this place and I will never forget it.

    So, whenever the forums pop into my memory, I will return here and not simply see how dead it is and that if I'm lucky there will be one other person online. Instead, I will look through this discussion and see there is a chance that maybe, just maybe, it will come back.

    Anyway, I am going to go on with my life like I was since I last came on in June of 2016. I'll start this off with the first reply of how I am doing and if any old-timers or even new-timers find this you can follow suit and we can continually check in with each other.

    Other than that, if you used to know me and want to talk you can always find me on social media:

    insta- @ryansmithrs @ryansmithrs (cringey app, barely go on anymore)
    twitter- @ryansmithrs17
    snapchat- @ryansmithaha
    youtube- Ryan Smith

    I hope you are having a blast living your lives. See you!

    PS: Never did this formally, but I feel like I owe it to SkyVu or someone or something idk. I'll do it right now forumally:

    Rest In Peace Battle Bears & your Forums. Someday maybe you will rise from the depths. We will see what happens...

    -Ryan aka Smitty aka Smitzy aka Smitzerland (not from Switzerland tho)


    what is up BB forum nation, im your host Noose bringing you the lastest in BB news. First up, BBOV is dead. that's it. it's gone dammit. like it's predecessors, the game has passed. tbh, not one of you will be surprised. however, i applaud SkyVu for making BBOV last this long. in other news, you can now sign up for the closed beta for...ugh... "BBR2" you can join the private group here: - in other news, the Battle Bears Comic App with some of the BB comics has been found! credit to @Pirate - in other news, @FREESH spend 10 rice on new chainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn - in other news, the Rick and Morty haters don't seem to realize that people use racial slurs ironically - in other news,
    @FREESH has still spent 10 rice on new chainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    last story - @Behr has gone missing for some reason... He never told us at the Ghetto Meme Club, he just sort of stays silent now

    yeaaaa das about it

    i'll make another when i feel like it


    i forgot one thing- INFINITY, who has been exposed as a hacker, made an alt, but did not went unnoticed and was quickly banned
  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    I haven't played in a long time so I can't remember a lot of the stuff, but I'm happy that BBG is coming back!!! I would suggest starting from the bottom up and not thinking too much about what current fans think so you can attract a new fanbase. I would suggest removing most of the weapons, skins, maps, and other content for the game's initial release so that you have things to release for updates and fans will stay attached with things to wait for. Hope things go well, and I'll try to contribute in any way I can.
  • Some Boi Needs To Tell Me Why Doki Doki Literature Club Is So Good

  • Re: Battle Bears Comic App

    Thanks for sharing these u have increased my knowledge on the B.B. universe. I never knew these comics existed! I love the unicorn and huggable one. The ending was hilarious to me for some reason.