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An official post regarding the state of Battle Bears has appeared, check it out if you haven't already:
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  • Hi I'm new to the forums! :D

    Nice to meet you all (n_n)
  • Re: We will never give up on BB but times are tough

    Thank you everyone for the supportive replies. It really means a lot to us. Yes, if we do meet up, finding a good Vietnamese restaurant is a BB meetup tradition :)

    Some more thoughts:
    One benefit of client work is that it improves the skills of the team. This in turn will translate into better BB games/updates in the future. We're working on some cool client games that I will share soon. Some of you will actually recognize the brands we are working with.

    Another benefit of client work is that the goal of the BB plan is no longer ALL about pushing profits but simply making the players happy and having fun growing the brand. The tradeoff is slower development for BB but I hope you can see the profound difference this makes in terms of how we make our decisions <3

    BBG & BBO players will not lose what they've earned and paid for. This is paramount. If things need to be removed for whatever reason, we will find a suitable replacement.

    In terms of the plan, don't expect sweeping changes. We know what you guys like and simply want to make more of what you like with logical features like real clans, chat, etc.

    You guys are the best!
  • Re: We will never give up on BB but times are tough

    Thanks for the update on what's happening, what I have noticed is that most people here are not impatient due to the lack of updates or the quality of the updates. They thing that causes people to become annoyed and to give up on the game is the lack of communication. Visiting the forums is free and can take as little as 2 minutes, this will lead to people having hope in the franchise, spending money on the game and recommending it to people. People here can understand reasons, but we just need them explained to us.

    As well as that I think we need some admins on the forum so maybe promote our mods to admin.
    And maybe another BBO chat mod (the current active ones are great though)

    Thank you for finally turning up, it will be greatly appreciated and as soon as a little bit of complaining about the lack of communication stops everyone will be much happier.
  • Re: We will never give up on BB but times are tough

    You fellas are damn stupid with how you want to approach revitalizing bbg. There are still dumb bugs that exist in this game. The green lantern skin for botch still has a glitched display icon, matches end abruptly for you while the other players run around, and the bundle deals don't ever display, just to name off a few. Lobbies can't determine whether they have 3 players or 9/8, and abusement park still has the exposable skybox. These little bugs are so minor, yet they are so frustrating to deal with every time you play the game. So forget all this balancing and reworking garbage, polish the game first, then you can start mentioning buffs and nerfs

    P.S. Rism isn't the best at patches so maybe have a more efficient play tester group.
  • Re: Let's talk about all of this.

    @_Lachy_ no more annual visits. You guys deserve more communication.
  • Re: We will never give up on BB but times are tough

    Thank you for making this thread.

    It's like a cycle at this point, really. Someone (usually me) makes a thread pointing out the absence in possibly unnecessarily large detail, you swing by and tell us you're doing okay and so is Battle Bears, then we're relieved. It's always relieving to get direct confirmation that you guys do in fact still care for us and your series, that'll never not feel good to know.

    I completely understand and respect your decision of not showing us anything just yet, as of course, the "false promise" thing is something we all don't want to see happen again, so I'll keep happily waiting, as I always do. I also appreciate you admitting the mistakes over the years; it's not something a lot of high-ups tend to do, so I wholeheartedly applaud. I hope it doesn't seem to you like we were bashing you guys for it, we just wanted you to be aware of our honest concerns.

    Whatever the "master plan" turns out to be, my only hope is that it goes well for all of us, so on that note, I wish you and your team the best of luck on it. I'm still entirely aware that all of this is tough on you guys, so if you ever need direct assistance from us in some way, please don't hesitate to communicate and let us know; we're here for you.
  • Re: We will never give up on BB but times are tough

    Thank you Skyvu for telling us what in store for SkyVu, even if a bit vague, and the battle bears series as whole. Battle Bears has been a amazing experience for many people here, including me, and what disappoints people is when skyvu goes cold (and seemingly dead). Admitting that you have made some mistakes is a step towards the process of reconciliation (so that players can trust that Skyvu has them in mind). It’s great to know that you tread more carefully, and that you are willing to think things through much more thoroughly. Thank you, SkyVu.
  • Re: We will never give up on BB but times are tough

    Thank you so much Ben, it makes me so happy that battle bears still has hope. Also, thank you making an update thread, I've been checking forums almost everyday for something like this, and I know others have too.
  • Re: Let's talk about all of this.

    I've read this thread twice. I just posted an update that addresses some of your points. It's brief but I hope it answers some questions.

    I'd also like to say I also love the storylines and I'm working on a way to bring them back in a big way. No guarantees yet but it's definitely something that's always on my mind.
  • Re: BBUv2 Beta for Android - Leave Beta Feedback Here!

    You should make shotguns pierce through walls and floors because the shotgun blast does not respond and give damage to enemies. The shotgun should have a bit more range and the lock on should be larger because it's too small to get a hit.